Bluehost review 2023 – How good is this provider in reality?


Bluehost review 2023 – How good is this provider in reality? : Choosing the finest web host for your website might be difficult, so we’ve done the legwork for you. Our top pick for web hosting is Bluehost, which received the greatest overall rating during our investigation. It is the greatest choice for dedicated hosting because it offers a ton of features and affordable prices.

GoDaddy comes in second place, providing its users with first-rate server response times as well as generous aid and support that is helpful for expanding organizations. Following closely behind in third place is IONOS, which outperformed all other hosting companies in our tests of site performance and uptime.

But there are more hosting platforms available than just those three. The top five hosting companies will be listed below, along with details on important factors like costs, features, uptime, and customer service.

Bluehost review 2023 – How good is this provider in reality? :
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Hey, you there, today we’re doing a Bluehost review. This hosting provider is quite popular, and they make big claims with their marketing. A natural question arises – Bluehost is it really that good, and should YOU use it for your websites? Let’s find out…

Bluehost Controls

First, let’s Review Bluehost controls. If you’re a beginner and just want the easiest managed shared hosting out there, Bluehost just might be the provider for you. I’ve talked about this in my previous reviews, but for daily management, the Bluehost dashboard is a chiefs kiss. Here, you can see just how easily I can create a new WordPress website. I can also use the WordPress hosting dashboard to deactivate or update my plugins, activate the coming soon page, or create a staging website to test changes. And this easy-to-use approach is for most parts of Bluehost management, uploading files, and changing your website’s settings. Most of the things are easy to do, even for complete beginners.

Bluehost security

Security is sometimes overlooked when choosing a hosting provider… until it’s too late and your website is deleted… and without automatic backups… you get the idea. Luckily at Bluehost, you get a decent package of everything your website needs. This includes DDoS protection, automatic backups, SSL certificates, malware scanning, and firewalls. There’s nothing truly special, so that’s why Bluehost offers an add-on called SiteLock Security. It monitors your website and stops malware from affecting it. For around $3 a month, it’s a good deal, though I wished that security wouldn’t just be an add-on but included in all plans…

Bluehost Shared Hosting Pricing

Next, in my Bluehost honest review, how are the prices? Well, it’s not a cheap hosting provider, but for what you get with the plans, it’s pretty good. If you only need to host one small website, like a personal blog or business landing page, you can get the Basic plan for as low as $3 a month currently. However, this plan has a pretty strict 10GB storage space limit. For some small projects, that’s fine, but if you want to upload high-quality images, videos, or any bigger files, those 10GB will be gone fast. I mean, 10GB on my PC is basically used in a day..

If you want to host more websites, or want to have more space for those nice photos, the Plus plan ups the storage space to 20GB. It also removes the website limit, so you can create as much as you want. Now while the Choice plus plan starts off cheaper than the PLUS plan, after renewal, it will be around $4 more. Feature-wise this plan has more storage space, a year of free auto backups, and the main aspect – domain privacy.


Wrapping this Bluehost web hosting review up, Bluehost is a bit more expensive yet a really solid contender for the title of “best web hosting provider.” It has fast-loading websites, an easy-to-use dashboard, and many tools for the best WordPress hosting. If you’re looking for business hosting or want to push WordPress to its max, check out Bluehost…


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0:21 – What is Bluehost?
1:06 – Bluehost website management
2:22 – Bluehost performance
3:25 – Is Bluehost secure?
4:13 – Bluehost pricing
6:21 – Conclusion

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Bluehost review 2023 – How good is this provider in reality? : What kind of hosting plan you require depends depend on the size and nature of your website. Your choice will also be influenced by your budget, the features you need, and the design of your website. But in the end, it’s best to select the priority that means the most to you and base your choice on that aspect.


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