HostGator review | Best web hosting in 2023?


HostGator review | Best web hosting in 2023? : [gpt3]Write an article about HostGator review | Best web hosting in 2023?

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You know HostGator is an interesting hosting provider. It’s been in the market for over 20 years, with customers either praising or bashing it. So, how is this provider in 2023? Well, let’s find out in my honest HostGator review…


HostGator Review – Ease of use!

🏗️ The main dashboard is clean and user-friendly, displaying only the essential information needed. It’s easy to navigate so you can accomplish most of your daily tasks without any problem.

🏗️ HOWEVER, installing WordPress, creating email accounts, or managing your files will require the use of cPanel. If you’ve seen my videos before, you know that while I don’t hate cPanel, I think there are many better ways of managing web hosting, especially for beginners. And providers like Hostinger or DreamHost prove that.

🏗️ Moving on, the crazy thing is that ease of use might be the weakest part of HostGator. In my opinion, most other aspects are great, like website building. HostGator adopts an interesting approach, surprisingly offering not just one but two website builders: Weebly and Gator. First, Weebly provides a straightforward and user-friendly way to create websites quickly. This makes it an excellent choice for small business sites seeking simplicity and efficiency.


HostGator Review – Plans and Pricing!

💰 Next, let’s talk about money. HostGator offers a range of shared hosting plans, providing options to suit different needs and budgets. If you’re looking for an affordable option, you can start with their cheap web hosting plan, which costs around $3 per month. However, it’s worth noting that with this package, you can only host a single website, and you’ll have a storage space limit of 10GB. Yeah, only 10GB. So this plan can be too restrictive based on the project you want to build. Compared to a truly affordable provider, like HostGator vs. Hostinger, the cheapest plans are a bit limited.

💰 However, the eCommerce Plan from HostGator offers unlimited resources, including storage space, bandwidth, and emails. In addition, it provides marketing credits that you can use for promotions, making it a perfect choice for businesses. That’s not all – this plan also upgrades your SSL to Positive SSL, enhancing the security of your website. It even includes a dedicated IP, ensuring a faster connection to your site. What I’m trying to say with all of this HostGator eCommerce plan is the best bang for your buck and comes filled with features.

The conclusion!

Ultimately, Is HostGator good as a hosting provider? Yes, it is. It might not be the best option for beginners since it still uses cPanel. But it has great performance, decently priced plans, and great features for business. HostGator is one of those cool old-school providers…


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0:17 – Ease of Use
1:54 – Plans and pricing
3:13 – Security
4:12 – Performance
5:40 – Conclusion

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HostGator review | Best web hosting in 2023? : [gpt3]Write an article about HostGator review | Best web hosting in 2023?


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  1. But here is one bad thing you may have missed, they are selling hosting services using PHP 7.3/7.4 which are no longer patched or supported and when you look at their server info they show the apache and mysql versions but not the php version. It's not until you install something like Joomla which then reports the really old versions of PHP do you find out that you are using an unsupport version of php which isn't reconmended by Joomla as you also miss out on important features to make your site run better.

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