What is Web Hosting? | Web Hosting Explained


What is Web Hosting? | Web Hosting Explained : [gpt3]Write an article about What is Web Hosting? | Web Hosting Explained

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Best web hosting this, best web hosting that, but WHAT even is WEB HOSTING? Well, In this video, I’ll explain the whys and the hows with some real-world examples…


What is Web Hosting?

🏗 Web Hosting is the activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites. Now, in layman’s terms, think of web hosting, or servers, as a place where all of your website’s files, code, media, and the software to run it are located – a house for your website.

🏗And just like a house, there are two distinctive ways to acquire one – either build it on your own, having the most control over it, OR you just buy a fully built one from a provider without wasting too much time. Naturally, building and running a server on your own requires a lot of knowledge, so I’ll only focus on the overall hosting providers.


Different Types of Website Hosting?

💰As the name implies, SHARED HOSTING is when you, well, share that one house and just have a room for yourself. You rent that room from a reliable “landlord,” such as Hostinger. But everyone shares the overall available resources in the house or this case, Server.

💰While you do have your own “home” for the website, the building itself is still used by a lot of people. VPS takes a single server and creates virtual partitions of it, thus the Virtual part in the name. You can manage that virtual server how you like, but you’re still restricted by the overall server structure. It’s more expensive than shared hosting, but it offers more resources and flexibility. Best for large blogs, business websites, forums, or small eCommerce.

💰Oh, you probably can guess where the last hosting category is going. Dedicated hosting is like owning your own house. You have an entire server exclusively for your website, no need to share it with anyone. So you can optimize performance or improve security as much as you can. Naturally, this type of hosting costs the most and is suitable for high-traffic projects like large eCommerce sites or news portals.


How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider?

❓First and foremost, determine the kind of website you want to host, whether it’s a personal blog, an online store, or a business website. I’ve mentioned that shared hosting is best for personal/small projects, while VPS and Dedicated are for business or eCommerce.

❓Consider the resources and features the provider offers. The most important ones are – storage space, bandwidth, email accounts, website builders, and customer support. You want your website to use as much of the plans offering as it can. No point in getting a plan with 200GB of storage space for a single small blog. Remember, with most hosting providers, you can start from the cheapest plan and easily upgrade when needed.

The conclusion!

So that’s it for today’s video. Web Hosting is a process of storing website files on a server and displaying them once a user makes a request.

There are 3 main categories – shared, VPS, and Dedicated. I always suggest starting with shared hosting as well as picking a provider based on your budget and MY recommendations…


00:00 – Intro
0:15 – What is Web Hosting?
1:02 – How does Web Hosting Work?
2:39 – Different Typed Of Hosting
4:55 – How to Pick a Good Hosting Provider
6:17 – Why should you start with Hostinger?
7:39 – Conclusion

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What is Web Hosting? | Web Hosting Explained : [gpt3]Write an article about What is Web Hosting? | Web Hosting Explained


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